Critical Entertainments: Music Old and New

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  1. Critical Entertainments — Charles Rosen | Harvard University Press
  2. Critical Entertainments

It opened the floodgates — Blake Shelton rapped a little, Bryan danced to hip-hop songs onstage, the duo Florida Georgia Line built a career on importing just the faintest hint of hip-hop percussion and slang.

Critical Entertainments — Charles Rosen | Harvard University Press

Nothing, though, is immune from the force and urgency of the meme economy, and Lil Nas X has demonstrated himself to be a master of how to pachinko his way from the margins to the mainstream. Once it began to get noticed, he pushed it heavily on TikTok, the short-performance-clip app , where it was the soundtrack to thousands of videos.

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Even Kanye West recently took to the countryside, unveiling his last album at a Wyoming cowboy ranch. And though the removal of the song from the country chart reflected an initial resentment, the mood soon switched. To be fair, country is not alone in this: In , the K-pop novelty star Psy went to No. Country music is preoccupied with borders, and it treats each new incursion as an opportunity for identity crisis.

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Which means that the Lil Nas X controversy boils down to a conversation about who is entitled to lay public claim to Southern tropes that country music believes it has monopolized but in truth, has been less and less reliant on in recent years. But it is too potent to remain that way.

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  4. Critical Entertainments: Music Old and New!
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  6. A consummate pianist who embraces Beethoven and Charles Rosen is an internationally respected pianist. A pupil of Moriz Rosenthal, he has performed and recorded a wide repertoire from Bach to Pierre Boulez.

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    Critical Entertainments. Charles Rosen. I Performance and Musicology.

    Critical Entertainments

    II The Eighteenth Century. Contrasting Views. V The Crisis of the Modern.