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  1. What is a Graphic Designer?
  2. What does a graphic designer do?
  3. How to Land a Design Job at BMW
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Losing a job for speaking up would have been a bummer—but much less of a bummer than contributing to technology that could be used to harm. In a society where health insurance is a privilege and crushing debt is a burden many share, the added load of ethical responsibility can be too much to carry.

What is a Graphic Designer?

Monteiro lays out the three questions to ask yourself before taking on this emotional, and economic, challenge:. Except, probably, out the door. The surest way to get a view into a company is to talk to folks who have been there. If everyone else is 22, 23, 24, what will you learn?

What does a graphic designer do?

But we work for the people being affected by that problem. And we will under no circumstances design anything that puts those people at risk. The man, the myth, the headshot. Saying no is a design skill. Asking why is a design skill.

Rolling your eyes and staying quiet is not. Asking ourselves why we are making something is an infinitely better question than asking ourselves whether we can make it. She lives in Tel Aviv with two big dogs.

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Get awesome design content in your inbox each week Give it a try—it only takes a click to unsubscribe. Thanks for signing up! You should have a thank you gift in your inbox now-and you'll hear from us again soon! Who would you pass and who would you hire?

The Three Types of Design Jobs

Before we begin, feel free to follow along by grabbing the dream job template from Google Drive which you can copy and fill out to brainstorm potential future options. What worked there? What do you want to do more of or less of? Think of it as a personal job retrospective. A mature design company has internalized and established proven design processes that it has honed over many years. High design maturity companies are great places to learn quickly and with rigor. You can continue to stay and develop your skills further to become a skilled specialist i.

Alternatively you can seek a different challenge altogether by going to a low design maturity company to build their design culture and acumen. This means you can focus on what you do best — honing in on your craft and getting your craft skills refined while at the same time expanding your collaboration skills by building relationships with your team and across departments.

You will be paired with a mentor, a peer and a manager, giving you the opportunity to get continuous feedback and help you quickly accelerate and grow. This is an invaluable experience and will pay dividends in the long-term. Usually companies that have low design maturity are on a smaller size.

How to Land a Design Job at BMW

This is more of a process and management role which places less emphasis on craft skills. This type of challenge is perfect for industry veterans who have their craft down, have developed processes before and now have the responsibility and autonomy to establish a design process at this company. Lastly, another way to look at design maturity is through the lens of culture. Your future design manager will play a huge role in your career.

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What kind of manager would you like to hire? This type of manager will help you grow as an individual contributor, put you in a position that plays to your strengths, while also supporting your efforts in navigating the company.

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In fact, some strong designers as individual contributors get promoted to manager level and end up performing poorly. These are all crucial things for a designer to be successful. As you start interviewing and getting to know different types of managers — try to glean into their working style and personality. Would you be able to get along well with them?

[Book] Design is a Job on [E] VIP Elegantt resources

How do they react under pressure? How have they handled designers like you in the past and supported their growth efforts? When we think of culture we usually think this company has great culture due to perks like free lunches, or great offsites, or lavish offices.

Some companies might look great on the outside but the reality on the inside is very different.

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For example some teams might value bleeding edge design that might not be feasible for the rest of the population.