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  1. The Role Of Logic In Knowledge Representation and Commonsense Reasoning | SRI International
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On the other hand, events extracted from raw texts lacks of commonsense knowledge, such as the intents and emotions of the event participants, which are useful for distinguishing event pairs when there are only subtle differences in their surface realizations. To address this issue, this paper proposes to leverage external commonsense knowledge about the intent and sentiment of the event. Experiments on three event-related tasks, i.

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Questions from Aristo challenge allenai. Commonsense knowledge is mostly location and culture independent. For roller-skate race, what is the best surface? A sand B grass C blacktop 7. Machines cannot reason like humans, because they lack commonsense. A sand B grass C blacktop Picture depicts food web. Arrow indicates consumes. Roller skate is best on a smooth surface. Blacktop surfaces are shiny and shiny surfaces are smooth.

Not seen those arrows enough so cannot generalize. What about the Knowledge graphs? I touched a table that was hard.

Cyc [Lenat ] ConceptNet [Liu et. Aristo tuple KB Tree [Dalvi et. WebChild[Tandon et. Visual Genome [Krishna et. A sand B grass C blacktop blacktop surfaces are shiny shiny surfaces are smooth smooth surfaces have less friction less friction speeds up roller-skates you win race when fastestProblems text visual structured natural lang Formal representations Representation in Natural Language ConceptNet has a string representation, over a fixed set of relations.

The Role Of Logic In Knowledge Representation and Commonsense Reasoning | SRI International

Continuous representations. Knowledge retrieval over discrete representations suffers from linguistic variations Using matrix and tensor factorizations [Bordes et. Gains were limited, but this is a promising direction. Why continuous representation?

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Honnold, bornIn, US A. DeViSE [Frome et. The joint model is initialized with parameters pre-trained at the lower layers of traditional image, text models discrete text visual continuous Verbosity — game [Ahn et. Pattern based methods — distant supervision. Noisy patterns must be pruned Type checking always helps Physical entity, abstract entity help tell apart easily confused relations Label Propagation: Loss function [Talukdar et.

Representations of Commonsense Knowledge

WebChild: resulting KB Semi-supervised learning for knowledge frame [Tandon et. Go up an elevation..


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Event Representation Learning Enhanced with External Commonsense Knowledge

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