The Second Confession (Nero Wolfe, Book 15)

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It is unclear as to what exactly might be contained in the two volumes edited by Stout; they are out of reach of the researcher. An Edgar-winning bottomless treasury of information on the man behind the Man. A slim but well-liked guide to all 74 Nero Wolfe stories, featuring non-spoiler synopses and essays on the canon.

This one managed to gain some notoriety. Townsend ed. Anderson: Rex Stout , F. Ungar, New York. Around Rex Stout fans discuss the 74 Nero Wolfe stories in chronological sequence, helped by promptings from a volunteer discussion-leader you may become one of them. There are subscribers as of August up from in January Discussion is also welcome. Includes biographical information, a list of related sites, and an annotated bibliography of Nero Wolfe short stories and novels that features dozens of delightful quotations from the Corpus.

Original English titles are also included scroll down the page! All those detailed summaries of his cases are probably something Archie would gladly read over his breakfast instead of the regular New York Gazette for a change! See also Orchids named after Nero and the introductory page on the same site. The site offers vast resources about nostalgic radio shows. Besides listening to thousands of old time radio episodes online including Adventures of Nero Wolfe , visitors can stream or download full episodes in MP3 format as well as read detailed descriptions of the performers and series broadcast in the era s— Be forewarned that a large number of the Archie Goodwin top links refer not to our man-about-town but to his namesake, a US comic-book writer — When Mr.

Collections of quotations from all works by Rex Stout will be continually added to this Book of Quotations as the volumes become available for study to the webmaster.

In my teens I had only known Stout from Czech and Slovak translations of mixed mostly poor quality; Slovak libraries and those in the neighbouring countries have never, to this day, carried Rex Stout in English. Of course my burning desire right then was to find and read all 47 Nero Wolfe volumes in the original language as soon as possible.

In this way Nero Wolfe, enamoured of inertia though he may be, has to travel thousands of miles around the globe nowadays, so that he can meet all those who need him. I wish we could all visit them in the Brownstone instead! Thank you all! The Wolfe search is finally over!

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Prior to year , whether such downloads are to be free or whether they are to be purchased for a moderate fee, it is hoped — and a fee that can be paid even by those who are denied the possession of Western credit-cards , must be decided by the copyright holder, the Rex Stout Estate. Legal justifications exist for all of this — logic and common sense nevertheless protest. Stout was born on 1st December , in Noblesville, Indiana, to a Quaker family the sixth of their nine children.

Benjamin Igoe. Marie Garrou. Pete Arango. Harry Gould. Carla Lovchen. Lina Darrow. James Herold. Neya Tormic. Barry Rackham. Calvin Leeds.

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Dana Hammond. Con Noonan. Oliver A. Sarah Rackham.

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Annabel Frey. Priscilla Eads. Viola Duday. Arthur Gilliam. Andreas Fomos. Margaret Fomos. Juan Blanco. Jay Luther Brucker. William Fisler. Margaret Caselli. Perry Mason. Ethel Varr. Edwin Laidlaw. Beverley Kent. Louise Robilotti. Robert Robilotti. Rose Tuttle. Paul Schuster. Celia Grantham. Cecil Grantham. Maria Maffei.

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Larry Barstow. Noel Bradford. Austin Byne. Helen Barstow. Elaine Usher. Faith Usher. Ann Paige. Rita Sorell. Saul Panser. Frank Edey.

Gregory Jett. Miles Heydecker. Lamont Otis.

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Bertha Aaron. Julie Jacquette. Helen Yarmis. Jill Hardy. Isabel Kerr.

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Stella Fleming. Barry Fleming. Otis Jarrell. New York, USA. New York, Yhdysvallat. West Virginia, USA. Noblesville, Indiana, Verenigde Staten. Montana, USA. Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Evansville, Indiana, USA.

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New Jersey, USA. Related events Interbellum. Cold War.

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